Vermont Partnership for Fairness and Diversity


What We Do

Vermont Partnership is a proven, effective resource that Vermont leaders turn to for assistance, support, and advocacy related to inclusion, diversity, and equity in the public sphere.

Shifting state demographics have created a higher awareness of the need for fair and welcoming communities in Vermont, and shifting regional and national demographics have created unexplored economic opportunities for Vermont in the multicultural marketplace.


Our Mission

For the people of Vermont, we work to strengthen inclusive and equitable practices to eliminate prejudice and discrimination of all kinds.


Our Position

The economic relevance and visibility of diverse communities are driving forces supporting the well-being of all. Illuminating the challenges to diversity, inclusion, and equity, and supporting best practices which directly address those challenges are vital pathways toward the thriving of equitable, inclusive, and sustainable communities for all.


Our Projects

Vermont Vision for a Multicultural Future Conference


Vermont African American Heritage Trail


I Am a Vermonter


Diversity and Equity Education Consulting