Mission Statement


Our Vision

We envision a Vermont recognized as the epicenter of diversity, inclusion, and equity thought and practice. Our vision resonates with the collective aspirations of the scores of our partners and the state’s long history fighting for social justice.

Our Mission

For the people of Vermont, we work to strengthen inclusive and equitable practices as a means to eliminate prejudice and discrimination of all kinds.

Our Position

We firmly believe the economic relevance and viability of diverse communities are driving forces for communities-at-large. Illuminating the challenges and supporting best practices to address those challenges create equitable, inclusive and sustainable communities for all. It matters not that these diverse communities may be formed around race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, national origin, gender or other socio-economic constructs.

Our Leadership

Curtis Reed - Executive DirectorCurtiss Reed, Jr. serves as executive director of Vermont Partnership for Fairness and Diversity. Reed provides expert training and coaching on inclusion, bias, and equity to state agency, municipal, institutional and business clients as well as community organizations across Vermont. He serves as Vice-chair of the Vermont Advisory Committee to the United States Commission on Civil Rights and sits on statewide commissions dealing with law enforcement, education, and minority health issues. Reed is the driving force behind three statewide initiatives: The Vermont African American Heritage Trail, The Vermont Vision for a Multicultural Future Initiative, and The Think Tank for Vermont Leaders of Color. After 18 consecutive years working and living overseas Reed returned to Vermont in 2001 when he began working for Vermont Partnership, previously known as ALANA Community Organization.

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